Thanks to the generosity of private donors, state agencies and companies, the Academy of Science awards 80 prizes each year covering all the fields of science, both fundamental and applied.

The 2017 prize « JULES MARTIN, born LOUISE BASSET » in the field of molecular and cellular biology, genomics, was awarded to André LE BIVIC, Director of the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille and Director of the team “Polarity Cellular and epithelial morphogenesis “.

André LE BIVIC is rewarded for his work on the role of polarity complexes in the acquisition and maintenance of the polarity of epithelial cells. His work, done in collaboration with European partners, on the functions of Crumbs proteins in the control of retinal morphogenesis makes it possible to envisage new therapeutic approaches for human retinal degeneration. His prize will be delivered at the Palais de l’Institut de France in Paris next fall.