actin cytoskeleton adhesion molecule adult neurogenesis advanced in vivo imaging animal model asymmetric division autism axon guidance bacteria basal ganglia behavior behavioral immunity Biomimetism brain brain cancer brain development brain plasticity brain repair Caenorhabditis elegans cancer cancer cell Cardiac conduction system cardiac development cardiac stem cell cardiomyocyte cell biology cell differentiation cell dynamics cell mechanics cell membrane cell signalling pathway cell therapy cellular interaction cellular junctions central nervous system pathology chromatin ciliogenesis ciliopathies cis-regulation cis-regulatory sequence collective migration connectivity cortical neurons corticogenesis courtship crumbs complex cytoskeleton development developmental biology differentiation DiGeorge syndrome disease dopaminergic neurons Drosophila drosophila immune response drosophila melanogaster electrophysiology embryology embryonic inductions emotion environmental conditions epidermis epithelium evolution excitotoxicity facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy forces gene regulation genetic diversity genetic variability glioblastoma growth gut homeostasis Head muscle development Heart development homeostasis host-pathogen interactions Hox proteins human cells Imaging immune tolerance immunity in vivo electroporation in vivo imaging intestinal organoïds intestine kidney Laurent KODJABACHIAN - New Director of IBDM microbiota MicroRNAs migration modelling molecular therapy morphogenesis motor neuron Mouse models of congenital heart disease mucociliary epithelium multiple sclerosis mus musculus muscle myelin nervous system development neural circuit assembly neural stem cell neurodegeneration neurodegenerative diseases neurogenesis neuromuscular development neuronal circuits neuronal determination neuronal development neuronal differentiation neuronal identity neuronal migration neuronal precursors neurons neuroplasticity neuroscience neurotransmission nociception non-coding RNAs non-invasive methodologies olfactory bulb oligodendrocyte optical microscopy optical microscopy and manipulation optogenetic Organogenesis pain parkinson's disease pathophysiology PBC and Meis class cofactors phenotype phenotypic variability physics of living systems polarity polarity complexes Protrusive forces quantitative imaging rat receptor trafficking remyelination self-organization Semaphorin signalling signaling signalling spinal cord injury stem cell stem cell polarization stemness TALE cofactors tissue mechanics tissue polarity transcription transcriptional control transgenic mice tumor microenvironment tumorigenesis Two-photon microscopy ureter vertebrates visceral smooth muscle Wnt signaling X-ray micro computed tomography xenopus