LK-FullFollowing the appointment of André Le Bivic as Director of Institut des Sciences Biologiques du CNRS (INSB), Laurent Kodjabachian is appointed by CNRS and AMU as Interim Director of IBDM as of February 1st2019. 

Laurent Kodjabachianis a research director at CNRS. Since 2006, he heads a research team at IBDM studying the biology of ciliated epithelia. Using Xenopusand mouse models, the team addresses fundamental questions about epithelial morphogenesis, cell and tissue polarity and ciliated cell differentiation, in relation to respiratory or fertility pathologies.

Laurent Kodjabachian was Scientific Deputy Director at INSB between 2011 and 2015, in charge of the Cell Biology, Development and Evolution (BCDE) domain. Between 2012 and 2015, he co-headed the ITMO BCDE of the Aviesan alliance. Since 2016, he is President of Section 22 of the National Scientific Research Committee, which recruits and evaluates researchers in the BCDE field.

Laurent says, “I am honored and very proud to take over the leadership of the prestigious IBDM. I wish to warmly thank Pascale Durbec for agreeing to assist me as Deputy Director. I want to share with all IBDM members my energy and optimism to make our beautiful institute grow even further”.