The Bertrand team shows that PRC1 chromatin factors play a role in the robustness of neuronal fate against gene expression noise and environmental perturbations.

During development, a high diversity of neuronal cell types is produced and they subsequently maintain their identity throughout the life of the animal. However, how this is achieved in a reliable manner despite noise in gene expression, genetic variability or environmental perturbations remains poorly understood. In this study, using quantitative imaging methods, the Bertrand team characterized the noise present in the terminal differentiation program of neurons. They found that PRC1 chromatin factors protect neurons against internal noise, genetic perturbations and environmental stress.


Détection par smFISH des ARNm du facteur de transcription ceh-10 dans les neurones AIY

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Bordet G., Couillault C., Soulavie F., Filippopoulou K. and Bertrand V. (2022). PRC1 chromatin factors strengthen the consistency of neuronal cell fate specification and maintenance in C. elegans. PLoS Genetics 18, e1010209. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1010209. PMID: 35604893.



Vincent Bertrand