A publication from the Prud’homme team, in collaboration with the group of N. Gompel (LMU, Munich,) explores how the spatial pattern and quantitative regulatory information is encoded in the enhancer sequence of a developmental gene. The authors introduced systematic mutations in the enhancer sequence of a Drosophila wing enhancer to interrogate the relationship between the structure of this enhancer and its function. Using an analytic framework based on the comprehensive quantification of spatial gene expression patterns, the authors revealed an unexpected density of regulatory information along the enhancer sequence. This analysis reveals the intricate relationship between activity levels of an enhancer sequence in the cells in which it is active and the spatial pattern emerging from this mosaic of expression levels.

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Yann Le Poul, Yaqun Xin, Liucong Ling, Bettina Mühling, Rita Jaenichen, David Hörl, David Bunk, Hartmann Harz, Heinrich Leonhardt, Yingfei Wang, Elena Osipova, Mariam Museridze, Deepak Dharmadhikari, Eamonn Murphy, Remo Rohs, Stephan Preibisch, Benjamin Prud’homme* and Nicolas Gompel*

Science Advances  02 Dec 2020:Vol. 6, no. 49, eabe2955 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.

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