Electron microscopy

Scientific manager : P.F. Lenne
Technical manager : N. Brouilly

The Electron Microscopy department of the PICsL Imaging facility provides the scientific community with 1. the expertise, 2. the material and 3. electron microscopes necessary for molecular, cellular and tissue-level imaging by electron microscopy.

Our service offer comprises the sample preparation with the following methods: negative staining, plastic embedding, immuno-labelling, high pressure freezing, freeze substitution, (cryo)-ultramictotomy…

We routinely use advanced imaging modes such as electron tomography (ET), cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy in « Serial Block-Face » mode (see an example above), Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)…

For the users willing to work autonomously, we offer individual or group trainings for the conventional methods in transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us: ibdm-plateau-microscopie(at)



Promoting Myelin Repair through In Vivo Neuroblast Reprogramming.

El Waly B, Cayre M, Durbec P.
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Tailoring drug release rates in hydrogel-based therapeutic delivery applications using graphene oxide

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Characterization and photodegradation mechanism of three Algerian wood species

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Journal of Wood Science


Cancer-associated fibroblast-derived annexin A6+ extracellular vesicles support pancreatic cancer aggressiveness.

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LAMP5 Fine-Tunes GABAergic Synaptic Transmission in Defined Circuits of the Mouse Brain.

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Ultrapure laser-synthesized Si-based nanomaterials for biomedical applications: in vivo assessment of safety and biodistribution

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PINK1-induced mitophagy promotes neuroprotection in Huntington's disease.

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Diversity of Magnetotactic Bacteria from a French Pristine Mediterranean Area.

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Loss of Krox20 results in aortic valve regurgitation and impaired transcriptional activation of fibrillar collagen genes.

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TBX1 regulates epithelial polarity and dynamic basal filopodia in the second heart field.

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Repair of the injured spinal cord by implantation of a synthetic degradable block copolymer in rat.

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Xenopus embryonic epidermis as a mucociliary cellular ecosystem to assess the effect of sex hormones in a non-reproductive context.

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Exploits Asparagine to Assimilate Nitrogen and Resist Acid Stress during Infection

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Reversible lipid accumulation and associated division arrest of Mycobacterium avium in lipoprotein-induced foamy macrophages may resemble key events during latency and reactivation of tuberculosis.

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Regulation of mycolactone, the Mycobacterium ulcerans toxin, depends on nutrient source.

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Pandoraviruses: amoeba viruses with genomes up to 2.5 Mb reaching that of parasitic eukaryotes.

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Genome of Phaeocystis globosa virus PgV-16T highlights the common ancestry of the largest known DNA viruses infecting eukaryotes.

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Pathogenic brucellae replicate in human trophoblasts.

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Loss of CRB2 in the mouse retina mimics human retinitis pigmentosa due to mutations in the CRB1 gene.

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Phosphorylation of mycobacterial PcaA inhibits mycolic acid cyclopropanation: consequences for intracellular survival and for phagosome maturation block.

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Metallobiology of host-pathogen interactions: an intoxicating new insight.

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Olesoxime accelerates myelination and promotes repair in models of demyelination.

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[A novel role for transition metals in anti-microbial immunity].

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Hippocampal GABAergic neurons are susceptible to amyloid-β toxicity in vitro and are decreased in number in the Alzheimer's disease TgCRND8 mouse model.

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Mycobacterial p(1)-type ATPases mediate resistance to zinc poisoning in human macrophages.

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Body plan innovation in treehoppers through the evolution of an extra wing-like appendage.

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Trafficking and secretion of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in olfactory ensheathing glial cells: A role in cell migration?

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Sensory-motor deficits and neurofilament disorganization in gigaxonin-null mice.

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Inner-membrane proteins PMI/TMEM11 regulate mitochondrial morphogenesis independently of the DRP1/MFN fission/fusion pathways.

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Neurodegeneration by polyglutamine Atrophin is not rescued by induction of autophagy.

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Control of ciliogenesis by FOR20, a novel centrosome and pericentriolar satellite protein.

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A polycystin-2 (TRPP2) dimerization domain essential for the function of heteromeric polycystin complexes.

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Differential vesicular distribution and trafficking of MMP-2, MMP-9, and their inhibitors in astrocytes.

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GABA action in immature neocortical neurons directly depends on the availability of ketone bodies.

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The glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and the small GTPase Rab 2 are crucial for Brucella replication.

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PSD95beta regulates plasma membrane Ca2+ pump localization at the photoreceptor synapse.

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The centrosomal FOP protein is required for cell cycle progression and survival.

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Ajuba: a new microtubule-associated protein that interacts with BUBR1 and Aurora B at kinetochores in metaphase.

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Foamy macrophages from tuberculous patients' granulomas constitute a nutrient-rich reservoir for M. tuberculosis persistence.

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microscope1Transmission Electron
Microscope FEI Tecnai G2 200 kV.

This microscope is designed for advanced imaging modes such as electron tomography, STEM and cryo-electron microscopy. With its 200kV gun and the optical quality of its column, it can reach a magnification of about 200 000x. It is equipped with an Olympus Veleta 2k camera and an FEI Eagle 4k camera.

This microscope has been co-funded by the Plan Cancer, the INSB, the FEDER and the IBDM.


microscope2Scanning Electron
Microscope FEI Teneo VS.

With this microscope, our users can aqcuire conventional MEB images of an outstanding quality. Moreover, this microscope is equipped with an automatized ultra-microtomy module. By the technique of Serial Block-Face, the microscope autonomously alternate between cutting and imaging steps of an embedded sample. With a rate of one image per minute, this microscope is a revolution in the field of 3D electron microscopy. For instance, given a field of view of 40µm width and a pixel size of 5x5x40 nm, the microscope can image 20µm in depth within the sample in an overnight acquisition.

This microscope has been co-funded by the Bettencourt Schueller Society, the GIS IBISA, the Labex INFORM, the PACA area, Aix-Marseille University and the Plan Cancer.


microscope3Transmission Electron
Microscope FEI Morgagni 120 kV.

This microscope enables the insertion of samples in less than 20 seconds. It is therefore very useful for grids quality checks. It is equipped with a camera and can be used to acquire images up to a 20 000x magnification.


Sample preparation devices

  • Leica EMPact 2, high pressure freezing machine
  • Leica AFS 2, freeze substitution apparatus
  • Leica AFS, freeze substitution apparatus
  • Leica EM AMW, sample preparation automate
  • Leica UC7, (cryo)-ultramicrotome
  • Leica UCT, (cryo)-ultramicrotome
  • LKB 7801A, knife maker
  • Balzers CPD030, critical point dryer
  • Edwards S150B, glow discharge and sputter coater apparatus











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