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IBDM, part of the Department of Biology of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) – Faculty of Science, hosts a course team of researchers and university lecturers teaching for the master in biology, the master in immunology and development and master in neuroscience.
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Why choose a career in developmental biology?

Developmental biology aims to understand genetic and cellular mechanisms that underlie embryonic development and contribute to the regulation of physiological processes of multicellular adult organisms. It is an “integrated” discipline, at the crossroads of several other disciplines, such as morphogenesis, physiology, neurobiology and evolution, involving various approaches, including cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, genomics, electrophysiology, bioinformatics and biophysics ; and using different model organisms (nematode, drosophila, mouse, chicken, xenopus …). These different approaches are used to study developmental biology in order to understand some fundamental principles. For instance, there are many links between developmental biology and diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and genetic diseases. The study of developmental biology will establish the therapeutic possibilities of tomorrow.
The objectives of these studies are to ensure a high level education allowing students to become involved in public or private research . During their course students will, moreover, learn how to combine conceptual and methodological expertise.

Studying for a degree

A degree in biology (cellular biology) opens the door to  a Masters degree course. It also facilitates passing the public service exam (for work in teaching, forensics…) and entering engineering schools, not just in the field of biotechnology but also management (multiple skills education). The Masters program at IBDM provides an overview of biology and methodology and allows students to work towards the preparation of a PhD for a later career in research.
Obtaining a doctoral degree, the global benchmark degree in research, opens a much broader choice of careers, be it in France or abroad, with levels of responsibility and pay which are rarely reached by Master graduates.
The area of ​​industrial R & D offers a wide range of scientific careers for which the doctorate is an undeniable asset. Graduates are also more likely to be employed in various other sectors, such as marketing, communication or strategy consulting.